Hi guys!

I am official with my new URL:

If you are reading this on the URL- please make sure to make the switch!!  I will no longer be updating that account.  In fact, you already missed a post (gasp!).

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This crochet vest started as a costume piece in my closet.  You know, for a 70s themed party or if I ever decided to be a hippy for Halloween.  This season, it will be a closet staple. Continue reading

Life’s a Beach

DSC_0101 This was one of those days.  I woke up with a sore throat and completely exhausted from a super fun but draining weekend (I am an introvert by nature- I love social stimulation but get completely exhausted by it), and Babe was whiney and overly tired from said weekend.  I needed a nap, she needed a nap but wouldn’t nap, and I had a super messy house that needed tending to.

Life’s a Beach sometimes. Continue reading