Wear of the Week: Vote!

Hi All, Happy Friday!

Thank you for checking in this week.  I had fun styling white pants for fall and loved seeing all your feedback.

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Wear of the Week: White Pants and a Chunky Sweater

ImageI did it.

It was early October and overcast and was just begging to be worn: I busted out the chunky knit for the first time this season.Image

One of my most favorite things to wear, an oversized chunky sweater is classic and comforting with a hint of boho-chic.  It keeps you warm on a crisp day, is a great cover-up when you have had one too many holiday treats, and still looks effortlessly stylish.


When my mom and I saw this sweater at a quaint boutique last fall, we knew it was a must-have.  The bold colors make it a perfect match with dark denim, brown cords, and (obviously) white denim.  To add a bit of benevolence to our purchase, I bought my mom’s and she bought mine- charitable shopping at its finest.


What is one item you can’t wait to bring out for fall?

Sweater {Elan}, Jeans {Adriano Goldschmeid}, Boots {UGG}, Sunnies {Target}

Wear of the Week: White Pants and Floral


During my travels, I love to bring home a trinket or two to remind me of my time there and the memories I created.  While most travel back with a coffee mug or a t-shirt that reflect the destination’s heritage, I, more often than not, travel back with clothes.

This is especially the case when I travel out of country.  Trends start sooner in other countries, especially in Europe, and I feel like I get to bring back a part of the future when I purchase clothes there.


On a trip to Madrid three years ago, I picked up this floral blouse and I have worn it every fall season since.  It is wrinkle-free so it travels really well and it looks great with both denim and leggings.


This is a great pairing to the white denim as it brings in fall colors to balance out the white bottoms.  I cinched it with a skinny belt to accentuate the waist since the tunic is more of a blousey fit.


What do you like to bring back as a souvenir when you travel?

Top {H&M}, Denim {Adriano Goldschmied}, Booties {last seen here}, Clutch {last seen here}

Wear of the Week: White Pants for Fall


It is the quintessential fashion question: Are white pants after Labor Day a faux pas?

The short answer is no.  The longer answer is to make sure you are pairing said white pants with other season appropriate colors to bring the ensemble together.  For example, closet the bright summer patterns in exchange for neutral hues in a darker palette as Jamie Chung, Cameron Diaz, Kristin Cavallari did above.  Use fall trends such as leather, animal print, and dark graphic tees to modernize your white pants for the season.

Check back in the rest of the week to see how I pair my white denim for fall!

Photo cred: people.com 

Wear of the Week: Vote!

Hi Everyone and Happy Friday!  Are you looking forward to the weekend as much as I am?  Mine will be filled with lots of family as we have our nieces coming in from out of town.  I look forward to lots of visiting, laughs, and non-stop action.

Thank you for checking in this week!  I appreciate all the feedback and comments you have left for each look.  Before you head out for your weekend adventure, please vote on what your favorite outfit was this week!  



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Wear of the Week: Boom + Leather Vest


Although we live close to the coast in a laid back Southern California town, I frequently like to channel an urban vibe for my ensemble.  There is something uber chic about wearing all black, accenting with leather, and accessorizing with bold accessories and sequins.  It makes me feel I am in the bustling streets of NYC instead of 20 yards from the ocean in a quaint downtown.


This is exactly what I was going for in the final Wear of the Week look.  I layered the Boom sweatshirt with a vegan leather vest (one of the most versatile pieces I have in my closet for fall), red pants (they’re ba-a-a-ck), black leather boots and oversized hoop earrings.

Am I in Malibu or Manhattan?  You would never know.



Top {Target}, Pants {Zara, similar here and here}, Vest {Sanctuary, first seen here}, Boots {Tory Burch}, Sunnies {Target}

Wear of the Week: Boom + Pencil Skirt


Just as superheroes morph from everyday citizen to strength yielding lifesavers, the Boom sweatshirt can morph from comfy running-errand-casual to sophisticated yet flirty work attire.

Paired with a sleek pencil skirt adds an element of elegance and contrasts the quirkiness of the sweatshirt.



Add a high bun, heels, and a sparkle clutch and this superhero starts to take on a persona of its own!


See you back here tomorrow for the final Wear of the Week look!

Top {Phillip Lim for Target}, Skirt {Theory, similar here and here}, Heels {Via Spiga via Nordstrom Rack, similar here}, Clutch {UGG}

Wear of the Week: Boom + Leopard


“I believe there’s a hero in all of us, that keeps us honest, gives us strength, makes us noble, and finally allows us to die with pride, even though sometimes we have to be steady, and give up the thing we want the most. Even our dreams.” – Spider-Man 2

We all love a good superhero movie.  The unique characters, suspenseful situations, and a place where good almost always overpowers evil give us hope.  Hope that there is good in the world, and not only that, but that there are those who make doing good in the world their full time job and put that above everything else.

Deep inside each of us, there is this hero.  It is important that we listen to it and nurture it but it often gets buried with the white noise of every day life.

This hero can be demonstrated in many ways.  It could be the example of what a parent sacrifices for the better of their children.  It could be the successful executive who realizes his true calling is to a life of service.  Or it could be as simple as the person who routinely picks up trash on his evening beach walks, making the coastline cleaner for the rest of us.

However you decide to be a hero is significant, as those are the things that make life a little sweeter every day.


Serious inner hero aside, a fun and overt way to display our superhero fascination is with this Phillip Lim for Target Boom! sweatshirt.  Playful and colorful, it is an easy throw on with skinny jeans and flats.  I love it with leopard smoking slippers for an unexpected pairing.

Thank you for stopping by and hope to see you back here tomorrow!
Top {Target}, Jeans {H&M}, Shoes {UGG, similar here}, Sunnies {Target} Charming Charlie Bracelet, Michael Kors watch.

Wear of the Week: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target


                                             Photo cred {#targetstyle via Instagram}

Fun + flirty + affordable = my favorite combination!

Yesterday the 3.1 Phillip Lim collection for Target launched.  Known for his menswear inspired pieces and classic cuts in bold prints and colors, the Phillip Lim collaboration was a highly anticipated event.  And fortunately, I was able to score an item I had my eye on before everything vanished.

Stay tuned to see which piece I came home with and how I will be styling it three different ways this week.

I would love to know what pieces you purchased from the collection!

Wear of the Week: Vote!

Hi, Everyone and Happy Friday!

Thank you so much for checking in this week to see the different ways to style booties.  I had a lot of fun creating the looks and loved all the feedback!

As we wrap up this week’s featured item, I would love to know what look was your favorite.



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