On Trend: Sweet Lariat

One of my favorite new trends in accessories is the lariat necklace. Delicate and sophisticated, this versatile style makes a great layering piece or an adored staple.  Dress it down with a tee and denim cut offs or fancy it up for a summer wedding.  Here are a few of my faves…

1. Triple Mix Chain Lariat Necklace
2. Elevate Y Necklace
3. Purple Rain Necklace
4. Teardrop Lariat Necklace
5. Pamola Lariat Necklace

How would you wear the lariat?


On Trend: Summer Staples


Sometimes my closet overwhelms me.

It’s organized by color, style, and season with shoes in boxes and pictures of each displayed neatly on the outside.  I have my accessories accessibly hanging cleanly and my sweaters folded like a department store on the shelves (for my favorite closet organizing tips visit here). And still, I stare at a closet full of clothes and get that feeling that I have nothing to wear.

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On Trend: The Half Tuck


Kristin Cavallari and Carrie Underwood sporting the half tuck trend.

Photo cred: people.com

Cheesy ads claiming easy weight loss bombard infomercials, our email inbox, and the insides of magazines.  For the most part, they are ridiculously dramatized as we know there is nothing easy about getting in shape.  However, there is one current trend that can make you appear slimmer and accentuate your figure- no magic pill or cookie diet needed- the half tuck.

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On Trend: Mixing Metals


It wasn’t too long ago when only white gold and sterling silver ruled the accessory roost.  Then a few years ago, yellow gold came into play and has dominated the jewelry market since.  Now there is a new neighbor in town: rose gold.  As delicate as silver  but a bit less flashy than yellow gold, rose gold is the binding force that brings all the metals together.  We don’t have to choose just one anymore, we can wear them all at once!  Above I layered yellow gold bangles with a rose gold vintage watch alongside beaded bracelets.  I think the combination above blends old and new, classic and trendy.

What do you think about mixing metals?