Peek a Boo!


Like a lot of 10-month-olds, my daughter’s favorite game is Peek a Boo.  Actually, if it were up to her, she would get rid of the “Peek a” part and go straight to “Boo!”  Obviously a little daredevil, this one.

Anyway, I can see the lure of the game.  You think you know what to anticipate, and then out of no where are taken by surprise by something completely unexpected.

This dress is exactly like the Peek a Boo game.  The girly and almost vintage floral pattern is so sweet and the dramatic length and ruffled shoulders seem almost conservative when… “Boo!” The surprise of the cutouts and bare back give it that unexpected edge which totally make the dress.



Delicate layered necklaces and rings enhance the California casual coolness that this dress resonates.

DSC_0125 - Version 2


Dress {Billabong}, Shoes {Nine West}, Rings {Etsy}, Clutch {Urban Outfitters}


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