I <3 Homemade Deodorant


I hope I don’t lose you as a reader after posting that title.  But, it’s true.

I had tried so many deodorants, with the most recent one being Secret Clinical Strength, and never felt like any of them worked that well.  When I became pregnant I also became part hippy and started getting really concerned about all the unnatural and potentially carcinogenic materials that I was putting on my body.  So I thought, really, what did I have to lose to try an all-natural, homemade deodorant?

Not only did it work fabulously, but it also didn’t leave any stains on my clothing (which can’t be said for the other deodorant I was using).  I haven’t gone back since and continue to share the recipe with friends, especially those that are expecting.  Even my husband is a convert!  He says it works just as well as any of the other brands he has tried.

And because you have stuck with me and continued reading even after learning my hippy secret, I’ll share the recipe with you:

How to Make Natural Deodorant:

Ingredients: Baking soda, Arrowroot (found in the spice aisle or you can use corn starch), coconut oil, essential oils

Recipe via Wellnessmama.com

Note: Because the base is coconut oil, it will melt at temps over 75 degrees. If it does melt, just stick it in the fridge until it gets back to a solid state.  I recently got back from a bachelorette party in Palm Springs and gave everyone a heads up that yes, that was my deodorant in a mason jar in the fridge.  Bonus: it’s a great ice breaker to meeting new friends when traveling.




5 thoughts on “I <3 Homemade Deodorant

  1. gabyaalvarez says:

    Definitely going to try this. I tried using toms all natural deodorants but they never work. I always end up smelling like a sweet sweat and it makes me so self conscious. Thank you for sharing! But another question, how do you apply it? Just your fingers?? 🙂

    Thank you!!!!!!


    • Babes and Baubles says:

      Hi Gaby! I had the same experience with Tom’s deodorant. I felt like I had to reapply SO often and it still didn’t work. I do just apply it with my fingers. Another option is to put it in an old deodorant stick and keep it in the fridge so it doesn’t melt. Hope you love it as much as I do :).


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