Daddy on Duty

DSC_0120I did my first night away solo last weekend.

I had done a night away with my husband but this time it was a bachelorette party, and Babe and dad were on their own.  It went swimmingly.  She was an “angel” (of course), ate well (of course) and slept beautifully (well, of course).   I was kinda hoping there would be a little sweat while I was gone so I’d get the “I don’t know how we could ever live without you!  It is so much work!” response when I got home, but alas, my husband nailed it.  I came home to a happy baby, no dirty dishes, and a house that was relatively clean.  I’m surprised he didn’t just happen to whip up a homemade apple pie while he was at it.  He kinda made me look bad.  I guess I should be taking notes from him!

The getaway was in Palm Springs and I took full advantage of dressing the part.  A fringed kimono, cutoff shorts, and fedora made me feel as though I was heading to Coachella.




It was so hard to say goodbye to Babe as she just turned 10 months and is literally doing something new every day.  I was gone 24 hours and upon my return she was not only using her walker, but practically running with it!





On me: Kimono {Target}, Shorts {Joe’s Jeans}, Sandals {Steve Madden}, Bag {J. Crew}

On Babe: Shirt and Leggings {Carters}, Headband {Etsy}, Shoes {Freshly Picked}


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