Peek a Boo!


Like a lot of 10-month-olds, my daughter’s favorite game is Peek a Boo.  Actually, if it were up to her, she would get rid of the “Peek a” part and go straight to “Boo!”  Obviously a little daredevil, this one.

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Life’s a Beach

DSC_0101 This was one of those days.  I woke up with a sore throat and completely exhausted from a super fun but draining weekend (I am an introvert by nature- I love social stimulation but get completely exhausted by it), and Babe was whiney and overly tired from said weekend.  I needed a nap, she needed a nap but wouldn’t nap, and I had a super messy house that needed tending to.

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Three Things Thankful

This week’s Three Things Thankful is all about spring!  Although we never really get a winter in coastal California, I still get just as excited about spring as the next person.  It means longer days (really though, can we get rid of Daylight Savings?!  Why do we even have that nowadays anyway?), guacamole and fish tacos on repeat, and blooms in the backyard.

Here are my springy inspired items for this week’s Three Things Thankful:

1. Pastel nails.DSC_0141

2. The simple beauty of a single flower- and a carnation no less!DSC_0153

3. Spring dresses in bright colors and beautiful patterns.DSC_0157